At the oracle


Art&concept by Ol Albireo
Feel free to write your stories
and name arts

-Oh, dady, dady, how I need you now! – Delya thought as she followed the dark figure.
And then the stern face of his father appeared in his mind.
“You don’t need an assistant, but knowledge, Delya. It is accurate knowledge that inspires confidence. And it is the confidence that brings victory. Learn to understand what knowledge you need to reach your goal.”
Her father said it so often, but Delya had a good quiet life, it never occurred to her to take her father’s advice. What for? If all was going well. Karen solved all the problems at the very beginning. And now… damn house, damn photos. That’s why my father didn’t like it so much when Delya went to his mother. “There is too much concentration of the past in this house. And it is so compressed and mixed that it is very difficult for them to enrich themselves for a better future. And your grandmother is a part of this past, she does not want to part with it and does not want to leave it to die in peace. This is very it is harmful, Delya, to drag the past into the present and the future.” Yes, dad, it’s bad. But it just came. It came and pulled everyone in.
The dark figure of the guide stopped and bowed his head respectfully. Before they shone a golden throne in the form of a blossoming bud, and on the throne either sat or stood, it was impossible to understand, probably an oracle. Whether the body, or his attire, was also covered with gold inserts.
-Hello,- Delya greeted, -I don’t know how you should be treated here, I was sent to you by Saib, Keeper of Transitions.
-I know, – the oracle interrupted her.
His voice was calm and pleasant and somehow did not fit in at all with his appearance. Such a voice, with a cheerful confidence in, her father’s friends and acquaintances spoke like that – geologists, builders, designers, biologists.
Delya winced. She had not heard such voices for a long time, they seemed to belong to another race, indivisible by nationality and having so many forms of manifestation, which left along with its incomprehensible country, in which everyone cared about everything. Now, on the other hand, everything is much clearer – no one cares about anyone or anything.
-What should I do? – Delya asked.
-Look for the good. Your son and husband were attracted to the good. Will find it, will find them. If you force them to refuse this good, it will stop keeping them in the bad.
Delya rubbed her eyes.
-You know, you have such a voice, but what you say… can you be more specific, where exactly should I go now and where to start?
-You hear the voice you want to hear, – said the oracle, – start from the beginning, from the photographs.

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