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art by Ol Albireo
Feel free to write your stories
and give the arts their names

Already almost at the castle, Kin saw how some kind of vampire pressed the tender golden girl against the wall and reprimanded something with fury. The vampire was from the lower ones, the girl from the higher ones. The former oppressed tried to take revenge. Kin go to there.
-In the new world there is equality of opinion. The girl doesn’t want you, – Kin said.
-In the new world no one orders me, – the vampire snorted. – That’s enough, we’ve heard enough of what others want.
-I didn’t admit it,- Kin chuckled.
-You better go out, girl, you look after your business,- the guy advised.
-It’s because of people like you Katana is considered a usurper,- Kin sighed.
-Listen, you don’t even mention his name, you all, smeared yourselves with gold, you didn’t know where to shove this gold! Go in a good way, I won’t listen to a woman!
-So, should I call Rime so that you listen? – blazed with a purple spidery look Kin.
-Kin? – the vampire recoiled, releasing the higher one, – sorry, lady, there was a mistake.
Kin sighed.
-You are a mistake, I shoul kill you indicatively, you understand? So what this one, – Kin nodded at the stunned and rude attack, and the same salvation of the Kandzirian, – told about how fair our ruler is.
-Well, if for his sake it is necessary … – the vampire stretched out in front of Kin.
Kin ordered, and caught the crystal in her palm, which remained in the place of the vampire.
The Kandzirian screamed in horror. Kin smiled wryly at the girl.
-It won’t be long in our world. But the ruler will soon finish what he’d started. Please warn your friends, – Kin said in a singsong voice. – Need I help you somehow, do you want to go to the castle, sit, drink or eat sweets, call you a wave to bring you where you need to?
-No, no, than… … thanks, I … … I’ll go, – the girl did not move away from the horror of the murder in front of her eyes.
-Have a nice day, – nodded Kin and, tossing the crystal on her hand, went to the castle.

I’m here, AlbireoMKG

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