Golden star


Art&concept by Ol Albireo
Feel free to write your stories
and name arts.
You also can do not only write, but draw, sing, create music and sculptures.

-Creator, what is it? – admiringly froze the girl.
From the edge of their star one could see how a gray world, somewhere far below, was being painted with gold by a flying star.
The man released a small rhinoceros with butterfly wings and looked where his ward was pointing. One of the creatures, just like a rhinoceros butterfly, only more curious.
-Ah, that’s…… that’s…… hmm. These are people. Gray are people who do not know why they live, but continue to survive. And gold is people in whom the spark of life has flared up. And now the gold ones are trying to light a spark in the gray ones.
-A star?
The Creator smiled.
-A star… a star is the best. A star is when golden people learned to fold into a star, so that they are now visible from everywhere.
The girl sighed.
-So a lot of gray is there …
-Yes. A lot of. And there will be more, so much more that the dullness will make the gold invisible.
-And the stars? – the girl was frightened.
-And the stars, when their gold becomes strong and bright, it will become so hot that it will turn into scarlet, and you know what happens if something is very hot?
-Nucleus! Core of the world! Pressure and temperature will create the diamond of the world!
-Yes,- the Creator praised with his voice. – and then they will go where they belong, into space. And they will live in their golden worlds.
-Oh, – the girl exhaled in admiration and surprise, “why don’t they fly away right now?
-They try to become as big as possible, they try not to leave a single piece of gold, they try to take people away from dullness as much as possible.
The girl sighed and looked down at the world below.
-Good luck to you, golden star, grow big. Enscarlett soon.

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