That’s the tale


Art&concept by Ol Albireo
Feel free to write your stories
and name arts.
You also can do not only write, but draw, sing, create music and sculptures.

Nastenka was sitting in her crystal room, surrounded by snowflakes and snow maidens, now she had girlfriends. In the palace of Inget and Viskola life was in full swing. On New Year’s Eve, the inhabitants of the palace – snowflakes, snowmen, talking magical animals, snow maidens, New Year boys, winds and winters, snows and rivers, mavkas and mermaids, goblins and others – prepared a list of miracles for those who deserved them. Sometimes they came across among people, but rarely, more often among spirits and other fairy people, often among fairy-tale heroes who were slandered by writers who took up their story, but fell into their grievances and fantasies.
It was jolley for Nastenka among the fairy people. She only missed May, time by time she would look in the magic mirror to see what he was doing. And ashamed, and can not look away, looks after him both in the shower and in bed. Nastenka consoled herself that she was considered dead, and the dead have no shame.
Of course, when she was not alone, she did not look into the magic mirror. And, in general, she didn’t tell anyone about May, her mother only knew, well, Inget, of course, her named father.
The West Wind blew into the room.
-Another Snow maiden.
-It’s started again! – the girls gasped discordantly and ran to look at the new one.
Nastenka went as well.
Inget stood in front of the weeping frightened Marfa.
-Well, what are you crying, silly girl?
-No one needs me! – Martha howled.
-How old are you? Why you couldn’t find someone to your age who would want to do business with you. Or what, you are so much bad?
-What did I do? It’s not my fault that no one wanted to hang out with me?
-Well, don’t talk that, – Inget grinned, – have you heard about Grandfather Frost, good children and bad children? Grandfather Frost knows everything. I know how you ruined your sister’s things.
-She is not my sister! -Martha yelled nervously.
-Well, she is not a sister, but could become her, eh? Nastenka’s temperament is meek. And you couldn’t even handle her. Well, right, you will live as a Snow Maiden, and you will learn. Eternity is long. And you have nothing to do among the people, you do not know how to be a human.

That’s the tale, AlbireoMKG

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