Dangerous spell


Art&concept by Ol Albireo
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The genie, in the form of Iska, leaned towards Frey, who briefly cast a spell:
-I see you, Khanas, don’t even think about it.
Iskander sighed convulsively, the visions disappeared, and as if everything was forgotten immediately, a vague pleasant feeling remained, as if he had just been thinking about something very important and pleasant, but Frey’s voice distracted him, and now the sheikh could not even roughly remember the direction of his thoughts.
With a short cry Jallal lost consciousness.
–Puppy, – Frey gritted, – Khanas, let the boy go.
From a nearby carpet, a man with scarlet glowing eyes turned to Frey. Apart from the eyes, he looked like any of the children of the sand, also wrapped in a dark cloth.
-This is my prey, -the genie spoke melodiously.
-No, the children from that carpet are my preys. I got them before you.
-Well, take them,- Khanas chuckled.
-Otherwise, you will not like your new spell, and I will conjure you next time. Unless, of course, I’m busy,- Frey said.
–A new spell? – the genie laughed, snake-quickly leaned towards Frey.
-You will spend the rest of your time in the arms of Rufus.
Khanas laughed incredulously.
-You can’t know Rufus’ spell.
-Do you want to check? -Frey chuckled.
Iskander looked a little stunned at the genie, everything seemed familiar to him, as if he had seen it all before. He didn’t know what was going to happen next, but he recognized every moment that happened. The sheikh looked at Jallal and felt restless again. Iskander opened his mouth and closed it, turning to Frey, for some reason he was sure that the Viking was able to solve this without his intervention. The Sheikh rubbed his hand, which tingled slightly.
-You are too young, you could not have time to learn the spell of Rufus, – said the genie.
-Will you take risks and check or just let the children go? Keep in mind, I don’t know how to cancel it, – Frey chuckled, – that is, I can’t just prove it to you without launching it.
The genie tossed his head arrogantly.
-You won’t deceive me, human, you would have to live two hundred years to be able to cast this spell.
Frey got up and went to the platform where the readers were leaving and where he was now preparing for the locking spell of the Master of the Garden of Dreams Roshach. Khanas moved closer to Iskander, gracefully folded his arms across his chest. The sheikh sighed and said to himself:
-He will fulfill what he has promised, I don’t know how, but he usually needs quite a bit of time to learn how to harm someone. He knows how to break plans.
Khanas looked attentively at Iskander, then at the confident Viking.
-He’s probably already became friends with this Rufus, and Rufus probably owes him something,- said Iskander, feeling irritated again for some reason.
The genie laughed uncertainly.
-That can’t be, Rufus is dead and he disappeared many years ago even there. He is lost in the world of the dead.
-Roshach, let me recite a spell for Khanas,- said Frey.
-How can I know that you are not Khanas himself?- Roshach chuckled.
-You can always read your spell after mine,- Frey suggested with a shrug.
Roshach thought for a moment and left the platform. Frey began to cast a spell. Khanas exhaled a chuckle in a particularly touching way and looked at Iskander.
–This is not it! I knew that the man was deceiving me!
-Maybe it isn’t, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work, it’s better to let everyone go as soon as possible.
For some reason, Iskander was sure that Frey was not bluffing and that he really had a way to summon a dead sorcerer. But even if he was deceiving, Iskander was ready to support him. Again Frey was saving his son, now the second one, and he was helpless in this situation.
-He will regret that he wanted to deceive me,” Khanas said ominously.
Light scarlet lightning cut through the air above the desert, a majestic man with snow-white long hair, in a white hoodie with embroidered letters on it, appeared in the shining gap.
-Who dared to call me? – he asked coldly.
Take everything, AlbireoMKG

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