Extra puzzle

Extra puzzle


Art&concept by Ol Albireo
Feel free to write your stories
and name arts.
You also can do not only write, but draw, sing, create music and sculptures, translate into other languages you learn for practicing (and never simplify text when you translate it!). Show us that you did.

-There he is! – was heard right behind.
“Authority Shocker [1] is set to 3 meters by default, do not let them get closer to you from any side,” he remembered and climbed higher.
The main thing is not to break. “Don’t look where you came from, look where you’re going,” – now surfaced in my mind.
He did not kill this prostitute, of course, he did not kill her, he just saw the woman lying, went to check and felt a hand on his shoulder. The Authorities. He managed to wriggle out and started to run. “Never trust the Authorities” – so he was taught in the family.
And now two rips [2] are chasing him. He jumped to the parking floor, tumbling in the air.
-Damn parkour guys,- the tall blond swore and ran to the stairs.
-Here are his possible routes,- a deep and very soothing voice came from the gadgets, -the probability of the first one is 89%.
-You go on the first one, – the partner threw to the blond, also blond, only lower.
-Mgh, – the detective of the 42nd department quickly and easily rushed along the route.
The fugitive looked around quickly, trying to catch his pursuers with his eyes. He backed up the stairs, scanning the space, two more flights and he was on the road of the next floor of the City. “Always go the other way than your first impulse tells you,” he remembered. Quickly flying up, the fugitive rushed to the flight, and suddenly his breath stopped, the pain bent him in half. He looked up, a dark-haired, very handsome man smiling at him, only the dark cherry eyes remained dead and motionless. The man seemed so familiar, even as a family. Eagerly trying to inhale, the fugitive held out his hand to him. The man, with an elusive glance, grabbed his hand and twisted it. A new pain sobered him up, in his memory it surfaced: “you can’t grab the water”, he completely relaxed and flowed out of the grip, instantly gathered himself and jumped down.
Pain entangled him while still in the air, he fell paralyzed on his back to the floor, but it did not more painful.
An angelic face leaned over him, blinding, like the sun, turquoise eyes looked calmly, the angel seemed to be smiling. He smiled at the celestial and fell into darkness.
-How did you get it, by the power of thought, or what? – the man with dead eyes smiled, descending, he smoothly and swiftly headed towards the “celestial”.
-I have a shocker set to 5 meters. I don’t like to run,- his friend grinned and said into the gadget, -thank you, send emergency.
-Sent, came the reply.
-Ready? – a tall blonde ran into the lot.
-Yeah, – smiled, similar to him, like a brother, “celestial”.
-We’ll pass him on to the Fifteenth, it’s none of our business, – the detective nodded and shook his head with a grin, sending the video to the Fifteenth Department, which was engaged in street murders, – nice try to go drinking coffee.
-I said, we should order it to the department, – a man with dead eyes gracefully sat down on a concrete step. A ray of spring sun insinuatingly crept into the parking lot, touched the man’s shoulder, he flinched, looked sharply at the ray and, recognizing, exhaled a smile.
-I don’t like to order,- the “celestial being” twitched the corner of his lips.
In the same parking lot, a thin, long-haired man in black stood opposite, silver eyes saw the guy’s attempt to escape from the Authorities. When the emergency arrived, the man left the parking lot.

Extra puzzles. To where you are waited for. AlbireoMKG

[1] Law enforcement organization Firokami. An analogue of the police (not the police) – protects the population, is considered the embodiment of the will and law of the City. Since abuses of power are severely punished by the City, those willing to become addicted to them are rare. The law is already quite ruthless, without initiative on the ground. The power of the organization is almost unlimited.
[2] The slang name for the Authority in Firokami.

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