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Art&concept by Ol Albireo
Feel free to write your stories
and name arts.
You also can do not only write, but draw, sing, create music and sculptures, translate into other languages you learn for practicing (and never simplify text when you translate it!). Show us that you did.

-Firokami has flourished so much that he can afford pockets of socialism, -Mergen grinned, looking around.
The scientific town of Firokami was a cozy corner of the quiet life of very smart people. Futuristic town, even by the standards of Firokami, it was the standard of the laws of harmony and aesthetics. Some kind of resonant and familiar feeling evoked this Town in everyone who found themselves in it. Sometimes those who admired the poignantly happy atmosphere came here to live. The Town was built according to the aspirations of humanistic scientific thought. Scientists of all times dreamed of such a future, and people received the most complete description of it during the outbreak of progress, many centuries ago, in the twentieth century, thanks to the works of humanistic science fiction writers.
The Town was closed, it was necessary to have an invitation from one of the residents to come here – Firokami kept the peace of his best minds. Residents of the Town were free to travel and live in Firokomi, because, in fact, the Town was a district of the City. The public, overbearing sexuality that was common in Firokami was not in favor here. Of course, here too people strayed into love groups, and here the scientists had slaves, but the personal life scientists left at home so as not to distract, not to involve others in games. Here the main interest of all was work and science. The guests of the Town passed the test – it was mandatory if you stay in the Town for more than a day – the test showed compatibility with the way of the Gorodok. More often there was incompatibility, which was not reported to the guest. The guest lived in the Town, imbued with harmony and beauty, walked, gasped, admired, problems began when he tried to convey his quasi-cynical opinion about life to the inhabitants of the Town, his disappointment with the meaninglessness of life, lamenting about himself in front of the bright naivety of scientists. In the Town, it was not customary to restrain oneself; scientists carried out the laws of some kind of secular tact only when leaving their native the Town. And dialectics reigned in the movement of scientific thought – all spheres of science intermingled. Any physicist in the Town could give odds to an ordinary “civilian” psychologist, and any historian to a “civilian” mathematician. Then, with all the pragmatism of a scientist, the interlocutor explained that all this mental lethargy and a sense of the meaninglessness of life from limitation and ignorance, dissatisfaction from the underdevelopment of the mind and inability to create. But even if such unpleasant conversations did not happen, after a while it became clear to the guest that it would not be possible to live here – no one showed interest in the guest, no one tried to integrate him into the life of the Town. It was all the more painful to see how friendly and joyfully they drew into life also a newcomer who moved here to work. You need to be on the wave of the Town, move where it aspired to, wish for the same. And then it became clear that the Town was the same Firokami, his next step. Even more ruthless, even more categorical, even more beautiful, even more selective. Only for those who have grown up, ready for such a life. So far, the Town was only an inconspicuous speck on the map, shaped like a biological heart, with four specks that looked like unknown runes, branches of the Town Research Institute in the south, west, east and north of Firokami.
-Well, that’s reasonable too. The visual meaning of life, – Khan shrugged.
-Hi, – melodiously sounded somehow as if everywhere.

To where you are expected. Extra puzzles, AlbireoMKG

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