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You also can do not only write, but draw, sing, create music and sculptures, translate into other languages you learn for practicing (and never simplify text when you translate it!). Show us that you did.

So, it’s all over now. Request has been sent. Now we need only to wait and fix. We decided to take forty-five minutes to wait. If there is no answer, then we disperse, and the observers wait and fix the changes. Forty-five minutes is the natural time for the brain to work intensively, then it will involuntarily relax. Therefore, if you are working hard on something, take a break after forty-five minutes, otherwise the brain will take a break instead you. You may not notice, but after that, ten or fifteen minutes will be wasted for it and for your task. Then go on. And so, as many times as needed. Then, be sure to give your brain a rest for a few hours – do not load it with new information that needs to be considered, let it work in a distracted mode for three or four hours, do something with your hands or feet, sort out old things, files on the computer, take a walk. If you follow this simple rule, your productivity will be higher, your health will be better, your life will be brighter and longer.

So we waited. Minutes crept slowly, and nothing happened. The concentration of tension in the room seemed to be palpable. I looked at my colleagues, how their fanatically sparkling eyes fixed on the screen. Some met my gaze and smiled happily. Everyone hoped. Have you ever seen hope? I have. An effective girl. It is understandable why they cling so desperately to her and try to keep and save her at any cost. No answer. It’s only been three minutes. But it seemed more than eternity. Of course, I was also interested, I was also very worried, but, you know, I did not really believe that something would come of it. There is too much data here, yes, they are all taken into account in the experiment, even if some answer is fixed, and the rest of the requests confirm the experiment, it will be necessary to analyze what kind of answer it is, how independent it is, whether it is electrical background garbage. And I, too, will have to work, trying to understand whether there is a living psychological pattern of personality in this info-noise. That is, whether it is a person who answers, or whether it is a random set of signals, similar to information, jokes of the electro-magnetic field.

Therefore, I was engaged in my basic work, studied the psychological background of my colleagues. Read minds, as they say at the philistine level. Maybe that’s what let me down. I heard their aspirations, confident and timid, happy and anxious. I saw how a confident young predator settled down among the observers Eric. What is he doing here? Well, ok, his brother brought him. Embarrassed, how often from his look, I did not linger on him, in his dark ink eyes shone and shimmered either the sun, or some other star, and he looked at me. He didn’t smile, but I thought I saw a smile on his clear lips. I began to think about the experiment. And how, in general, should their God answer so that everyone rejoices? You feel? With what feeling should he answer “yes”? Joy that someone asked? Basic sadness from his divine loneliness? But this contradicts religious history, Elohim is a plural, God is not alone, in no denomination. I imagined an omnipotent being that hears our rhythm. And he answers with a thoughtful expectation of the solution of some of his tasks. Yes, probably so.

Velvet “it is” of Shimeji Akhor, a mathematical linguist, drowned in the joyful exclamations of colleagues.

Elohim – is plural, AlbireoMKG

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