bifurcation point


Art&concept by Ol Albireo
Feel free to write your stories and name arts.
You also can do not only write, but draw, sing, create music and sculptures, translate into other languages you learn for practicing (and never simplify text when you translate it!). Show us that you did.

-What are you drawing?- Eric sat down on the arm of the chair.
I specifically ordered chairs with wide arms to make him comfortable.
-A branching Model.
Eric looked at the flower, the rays of which were whole worlds.
-Beautiful, but they do not diverge so beautifully in parallel rays, they are all mixed up.
-They’re mixed up. It just looks so orderly from the bifurcation point. It’s more convenient for me to watch.
-Is this your model, or what? -Eric looked at me.
-And what did you designate as a bifurcation point?
-The meeting with you.
-Indeed? – smiled and incredulously mockingly asked Eric.
-Indeed, – I smiled too, leaning back in my chair and twisting back and forth in it a little, rolling Eric too, – everything that happened before is unimportant.

Adventures of Amiy Lutherna. AlbireoMKG

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