Top of the favorite parables

Well, and the last one, my favorite. I’ve told you about this one a bunch of times too, I have this story in all of my tops, and in general it’s become my credo for life. The first story that struck me, favorite writer and overall.
15. By Valentina Oseeva. Blue leaves. My translation
Katya had two green pencils. Lena had none. They were asked to draw a tree in class. So Lena asks Katya:
“Give me a green pencil to color the leaves.”
And Katya says:
“I’ll ask my mom, if she give a permission.”
The next day both girls come to school. Lena asks:
“Did mom allow you to do it?”
Katya sighs and says:
“Yea, mom allowed, but I didn’t ask my brother”.
“Well, ask your brother” says Lena.
Katya comes back the next day.
“So, did your brother allow you?” Lena asks.
“My brother allowed it, but I’ll ask my grandmother.”
The next day Katya says:
“Grandma allowed it, take it, but don’t cut it, don’t squeeze it, don’t take it in your mouth, draw with it carefully.”
Lena looked at her and walked away. She didn’t take the pencil. Katya was surprised and ran after her:
“Well, what are you doing? Take it!”
“No need,” Lena replies.
At a lesson, the teacher asks:
“Why are the leaves on your trees blue, Lena?”
“I haven’t a green pencil.”
“Why didn’t you take one from your friend, she has two?”
Lena is silent. And Katya blushed like a cancer and said:
“I gave it to her, but she won’t take it by some reason.”
The teacher looked at both of them and said:
“One have to give something in such a way so another can take it.” 

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